About Gerard Malouf & Partners Solicitors

GMP is a leading personal injury & compensation law firm based in Sydney and with offices throughout NSW. They are Law Society Accredited Personal Injury Specialists Lawyers with proven expertise and are focused on helping their clients achieve the best result in the minimum time in a friendly and caring environment.

Gerard Malouf & Partners is the winner of Best Professional Services Award at the Parramatta Local Business Awards 2016.

Law Firm Website Design and Development

Gerard Malouf & Partners has been our client for many years and in that time their law firm website has grown and evolved continuously. The project began when we were contacted by an SEO and online marketing specialist looking to create a optimised corporate website with an easy to use CMS to help promote GMP's brand and legal services.

In the first phase GMP worked with our graphic design partner to create the best law firm website designs based on their requirements, the result of this phase was a set of photoshop designs that were sent to us for development. We converted the designs into a sleek user friendly front end website and integrated that site with the Point Blank Legal CMS - a custom content management system created specifically for law firm marketing websites to enable website content to be easily managed and updated by non technical users at the law firm. We also integrated the website with external content writing services for automated importing and publishing of legal articles & news.

The result is a highly optimised, content rich, professional website that has helped the law firm grow into one of the leading compensation law firms in the country, with offices throughout the east coast of Australia specialising in Sydney, country New South Wales and south east Queensland.

Salesforce Integration

The Gerard Malouf & Partners Solicitors website is integrated with Salesforce so all contact and enquiry forms automatically generate leads in the firm's Salesforce CRM via the Salesforce API, in addition to sending enquiry notifications to the law firm via email.

Email Spam Protection

In late 2016 the law firm started receiving an increasing amount of email spam from it's website even though it had spam protection already built in. This indicated that the spammers were becoming more advanced and had figured out how to bypass the spam protection method that was being used. To resolve the issue and block the spammers we integrated the latest version of Google's reCAPTCHA service into all contact forms on the website, reCAPTCHA is an advanced tool that uses risk analysis techniques to tell humans and bots apart.

HTTPS/SSL Encryption

The GMP website was updated to a secure SSL encrypted site shortly after Google announced in 2014 that strong https encryption would become a ranking factor affecting SEO.

Visit Gerard Malouf & Partners Solicitors

To view the Gerard Malouf & Partners Solicitors website go to gmp.net.au.