About Point Blank Development

In a nutshell, we are a small team of expert web developers who wanted to take a step outside of the office cubicle to offer our many years of web development experience and expertise directly to our clients.

How We're Different to Traditional Web Development Agencies

We've been working in the web development industry for almost 20 years across numerous different industries, and one thing we find to be a recurring theme everywhere we go is that clients never get to speak directly to the developers that are building their website, instead there's usually an account manager or sales person that acts as the middleman or translator to communicate messages between the client and the developer.

Why don't most businesses deal directly with web developers? The usual explanation is that developers don't speak English but some form of technobabble that is impossible for mere mortals to understand and so a translator is required that's well versed in both languages. this sounds fair enough at a glance and may have held some truth back in the days before smart phones and social media, the days when a technician was required to program a vcr. but nowadays the average person is much more savvy than they probably even realize themselves, not thinking twice about connecting their phone to their car via bluetooth or hooking into the the wifi at their local cafe, and they also understand a lot more about websites and the internet than ever before.

Our Nerd Credentials

We love web development and when we're not doing it for work we're doing it for fun, creating and contributing to open source projects and blogging about tricky problems that we've overcome. The way we feel when we finish a project or write a nice piece of code is how we think builders and artisans must feel when they've completed something they're happy with, we get a lot of satisfaction from building really nice solutions and take pride in writing elegant code.

Our co-founder Jason Watmore is a leader in the open source web development community and has been sharing his knowledge via his blog since 2011, each month over 150,000 visitors from around the world visit the blog to find solutions for highly technical web development problems using the latest technologies and frameworks.