What is Web Development?

Web Development is the process of building a website or online application, it's about how a site functions and responds to user interaction, in short, how it works. It involves converting website designs into working code and programming all of the behind the scenes or "back-end" functionality.

Web Developers vs Web Designers

Web developers are often thought of as the same as web designers but they're actually two completely different roles, a web designer creates the visual look and feel of a website whereas a web developer writes the code to make a website work. You can think of it kind of like comparing a panel beater (web designer) to a mechanic (web developer) or an interior designer (web designer) to a carpenter (web developer), they work on the same projects but have different skillsets and goals in mind. For more information see our web design service page.

Web Development at Point Blank Development Sydney

Web development is our bread and butter, we're a company started by web developers and run by web developers, our team has been building world class websites and custom online software applications for over 15 years for clients in Sydney and around Australia, they are leaders in their field and experts in every stage of the web development process.

All of our development is done in-house in our Sydney office which ensures the very best quality websites and allows us to respond quickly to client requests for website changes or additional functionality. Our solutions are custom built from the ground up so we have complete control over every aspect of each site we develop and can change or extend any part of the site layout or back-end functionality, you'll never hear us say "that can't be done because we don't have access to that part of the system". We proudly put our name and reputation behind every line of code that we write and website that we create.

See some examples of our work.