About Dooley & Associates Solicitors

Dooley & Associates Solicitors is a boutique law firm based in Parramatta, western Sydney that provides high quality legal services to commercial clients, private clients and not for profit organisations. The law firm is a general legal practice that is committed to acheiving the best results for their clients across a wide range or practice areas.

Law Firm Web Design and Development

Dooley approached us after coming across some of our other websites online and liking what they saw. They were looking to have their website redesigned to give it a more modern professional look and feel that better represented their brand and the clients they wanted to attract, they also hoped for a CMS that would be easier to use for managing and updating their website content.

Website Design

The first step was to get our graphic design partner in contact with Dooley to work through the design process and produce the best law firm website designs based on their requirements and feedback on how they wanted the site to look and feel. A professional photographer was also brought in to take new staff profile photos and banner image photos for the new website designs. Once our designer was finished she provided us the final photoshop design files for the development phase of the project.

Website Development

In the development phase the photoshop designs were converted into clean working front end website code (HTML, CSS & JavaScript), which is then integrated with the Point Blank Legal CMS to enable management of content by non technical users via a back end admin system. The Point Blank Legal CMS was designed and developed from the ground up by Point Blank Development specifically for the legal industry, it enables law firm staff to easily manage website content without requiring any technical knowedge of web development coding, it also enables easy optimisation and interlinking of related content that drives the SEO of the website.

Secure Online Payments

A secure payments feature was included in the website build to enable the law firm's clients to easily pay invoices online through the website. The payment gateway eWay was used for processing transactions, eWay was chosen because they've been a leading online payment gateway for many years, they process billions of dollars per year for tens of thousands of clients and provide a simple setup and integration process.

Content Migration

The old Dooley & Associates Solicitors website was managed with an off the shelf CMS from Adobe and contained quite a bit of content. We migrated all pages and articles from the Adobe CMS into the Point Blank Legal CMS and added 301 redirects from the old URLs to the new ones. 301 redirects are used to preserve existing web page rankings in Google and other search engines, they also ensure website visitors find what they're looking for if they access the website via an old link because they get automatically redirected to the new location of the page.

SEO and Online Marketing

As with many of our clients Dooley had an external SEO and online marketing provider that we worked closely with throughout the development process and continue to work with in an ongoing effort to optimise the law firm website for the best results in search rankings and lead generation. Google Tag Manager has also been integrated with the website to enable the marketers to instantly make updates themselves such as adding Google or third party tags for conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and more.