About Lamrocks Solicitors

Lamrocks Solicitors was founded in 1882 and provides legal services in Penrith and the Nepean Region west of Sydney. The law firm's areas of expertise include family law, property law and conveyancing, personal injury and wills & estates law, their solicitors are highly experienced and include accredited specialists in wills & estates, personal injury law and property law.

Law Firm Web Design and Development

We were contacted by Lamrocks to redesign their website and make it more modern, user friendly, and to include extra sections for useful information and news so the law firm could publish content regularly to help with SEO and online marketing.

Website Design

The law firm worked with our web design partner to produce the best law firm website designs based on the requirements for their new website, and once completed the designer sent the photoshop designs on to us for development.

Website Development

Development of the website involved converting the photoshop designs into clean front end website code using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The front end templates were then integrated with our custom legal CMS to enable the client to easily update content on their website without needing to know anything about web coding or the technical details of the website.

Web development is first done in a local/dev environment and then published to a test/staging environment for the client to review and provide feedback on small changes if there are any, once changes are done and the website testing is completed it can go live. For a new website this might involve purchasing a domain name and then updating the DNS records to point to the IP address of the website, for an existing website only the DNS records need to be updated to make the new site live. Once a site is live it is visible to the public and crawlable by Google.

Mobile Accessibility

The website was first redesigned quite a while ago and didn't include mobile accessibility as it wasn't a requirement for the law firm at the time, this changed a few years later when mobile accessibility became more important and so the law firm asked us to make the site responsive.

The Lamrocks Solicitors website was updated to make it fully responsive and accessible on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

Visit Lamrocks Solicitors Penrith

You can visit the new fully responsive Lamrocks Solicitors Penrith website at http://www.lamrocks.com.au.