About Snoopex Computer Repair

Snoopex provides computer repair services to the greater Campbelltown region including all types of repairs on all makes and models of desktops and laptops.

Law Firm Web Design and Development

Snoopex wanted a new website that better represented their brand and positioned them amongst their competitors.  

We worked closely with the Snoopex team to revamp their old website, by improving the functionality and design, increasing the use of visual images to help feature their services and by providing assistance with an SEO campaign.

Their previous website was virtually non-existent in google rankings for any of their main keywords, within a month of launching their new website was ranking on page 1 and within another few months was in the top 3 on google for all their main keywords.

The finished website was well structured, user friendly, responsive and showcased their core services in a professional, captivating manner.

Visit Snoopex Computer Repair

To view the redesigned website of Snoopex Computer Repair go to http://www.snoopex.com.au.