Whether your law firm is just starting up or firmly established, you will need to have a website to increase exposure and attract new clients. 

Today, the vast majority of people looking for a lawyer start their search online. If your law firm doesn't have a website, you risk losing potential clients which could cost your law firm thousands if not millions of dollars. A professionally designed website can enhance your law firm image and make a positive first impression on potential clients. A solid, well-functioning website has become a necessity for law firms of all shapes and sizes. 

At Point Blank Development we understand that building a custom designed website can be costly and not all law firms may have the means straight away to outlay thousands of dollars to start marketing themselves online, which is why we came up with our new monthly subscription template product. It has never been easier or more affordable for law firms to get a professional website up and running. Our templates are fully responsive, SEO friendly and integrated with the Point Blank Legal CMS which was designed and built specifically for managing website content for the legal industry. 

All our law firm template websites include the following: 

  • Unlimited pages - unlike other providers, we don't have a limited to the number of pages we offer allowing you to make the most out of your website.
  • Practice area section - highlight your law firm areas of expertise. 
  • Staff section - research shows that this is one of the most visited sections on a law firm website. 
  • News/blog section - regularly posting high quality content will help improve google search visibility which will increase your website traffic.
  • FAQs - an FAQ section can help establish your expertise, build confidence in clients and even improve your rankings in google. 
  • Testimonials - acquiring and utilizing testimonials can help build trust with consumers and boost your business. 
  • Contact form 
  • Google map integration
  • integration with the Point Blank Legal content management system (CMS) allowing you to easily edit and update your website content.
  • Automatic content interlinking for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User Experience (UX)
  • Hosting - we have dedicated servers that are located in Australia and have a 99.9% uptime guarantee.
  • Daily backups and updates - we run daily automated backups of all of our websites to multiple offsite locations and in the cloud, as well as maintaining secondary replicated servers with a different hosting provider in a different Australian state to our primary servers.
  • Ability to intergrate with Google Analytics - keep track of the traffic of your website and monitor the behaviour of your users with google analytics.
  • Spam protection 
  • Image optimisation 
  • 301 Redirects 
  • Social media sharing icons

Getting started is easy, once you have chosen the legal template best suited for your law firm, we will then customise it using your law firms logo and colour scheme. We will then hand over control to you for adding content, practice areas, staff profiles, office & contact details, FAQs, testimonials, and blog posts. 

  • Popular

    From $199 per month
    • Unlimited pages
    • Practice area section
    • Staff area section
    • New or blog section
    • FAQs
    • Testimonials
    • Contact form
    • Google map
    • Point Blank Legal CMS
    • SEO friendly
    • Fully responsive
    • Spam protection
    • Social sharing icons
    • Website hosting
    • Daily backups & updates
    • Ability to intergrate with Google Analytics
  • Premier

    From $299 per month
    • Unlimited pages
    • Practice area section
    • Staff area section
    • New or blog section
    • FAQs
    • Testimonials
    • Events section
    • Portfolio section
    • Multiple office page
    • Contact form
    • Google map
    • Point Blank Legal CMS
    • SEO friendly
    • Fully responsive
    • Spam protection
    • Social sharing icons
    • Website hosting
    • Daily backups & updates
    • Google Analytics integration

Step One: Choose Your Design

Have a look at our range of fully responsive, SEO friendly Designs

Whether your law firm is large or small, just starting up or firmly established, we'll have a website design that will fit your law firms needs.

Step Two: Let's Customise

Watch us work our magic

After providing us with your law firms logo and color scheme, we will hand it over to our designers to personalise the design to match your brand

Step Three: Develop Content & Update Website

Time for you to take over the reins

The website is now ready for you to enter in your content, this is made easy via the Point Blank Legal CMS.

Step Four: Review Website

Look through you website and let us know of any changes


Step Five: Launch Website

Your website is ready to go

To make your website live you will just need to connect your domain to the website

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Firstly you will pick from one of our 3 plans that best suits your law firms needs and then you will choose one of the available designs for that package. We will then setup the website and personalise it with your law firms’ logo and colour scheme. We will provide access to the websites content management system (CMS) where control will be handed back over to you so you can start adding in your content. Your site will be setup on a test URL so you can review your site as you’re adding the content. Once you are ready for your site to go live you will just need to connect your law firms’ domain to the website.

What does it cost?

We have different service plans with a range of rich features made to suit law firms of all different sizes. If you outgrow the plan your on, you can upgrade to next plan and get more website features.

What’s included with my plan?
  • Hosting of your website
  • Template of your choice
  • Custimisation of template with company logo and colours
  • Use of the Point Blank Legal CMS
  • For all other inclusions please refer to the pricing table
What’s not included with my plan?
  • Domain hosting and management – if required an additional fee will be incurred.
  • Major design and layout changes to the themes – however any changes can be made, they will be charged out at the normal hourly rate.
  • Adding and updating content – this is to be done by you through the Point Blank Legal CMS
  • Ongoing Search Engine Optimisation
  • One on one training – the Point Blank Legal CMS was built specifically for the legal industry and is extremely easy to use.
How long will it take to get my website up and running?

Once you have chosen your design and provided us with your logo and colours, your website will join the line and will be ready for you to start adding content within 5 to 10 business days depending on current work load.

The site is ready to go live once you have added the content and connected the domain.

Do I need to have programming knowledge to use the Point Blank Legal CMS?

Not at all. The Point Blank Legal CMS is designed to be extremely easy to use and only contains items that relate to your website.

What do I need to use the Point Blank Legal CMS?

All you need is an internet connect and a browser. There is nothing to install.  

How will I make payments?

Invoices will be sent every 3 months and paid via direct credit. 

Is there a minimum subscription time frame?

Yes, subscriptions are for a minimum of 3 months.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We must be notified within 10 business days on the next debit. If the minimum subscription period has not been completed, full payment is required within 30 days.

Can changes be made to the design of my site?

Yes, any changes can be made. They will be charged at our standard hourly rate.

I want a custom designed website, is this possible?

Absolutely, we do custom design websites. Please see our custom designed law firm website service page for more details.

Can I upgrade my website to the next plan up?

Of course you can!  Once we have been notified it will take 1 to 2 weeks for the extra features to be added to your website.

How can I track traffic and data of users visiting my website?

Your website can be integrated with Google Analytics, which is a program that collects website user statistics including the number of users, the behaviour of these users, how they got to your site and much more. Please ask if you would like this setup. 

When will my first payment come out?

Invoices are sent quarterly and paid in advanced. 

Are there any setup fees?

No there are no setup fees to use the standard templates. If changes are required there will be additional charges.