About Selvaggio Lawyers

Selvaggio Lawyers is an experienced specialist law firm in north-west Sydney that offers personalised professional service and has a team of lawyers that are committed to getting the best result for their clients. Focusing on family law, property law and commercial law with partners that are accredited specialists in their respective legal practice areas.

Law Firm Website Design and Development

We were approached by our law firm marketing partner to develop a redesigned website for Selvaggio Lawyers, the new website needed to be fully responsive, mobile accessible and easily manageable for non-technical users.

The first step of a website redesign is the design phase, this was handled by our graphic design partner who worked closely with the law firm to create the best website designs based on the requirements and feedback from the client.

After the design phase is the development phase which was handled by us (Point Blank Development), we converted the photoshop designs into well structured front end code (HTML, CSS & JavaScript) and then integrated that code into the Point Blank Legal CMS which we developed specifically for the legal industry. The CMS makes it easy for law firm staff to upload and manage the content on their website without requiring any technical coding skills, content is organised in a user friendly way into sections that reflect the website and law firm, the CMS is also structured in a way to prevent users from accidentally altering the website design which is a problem with many generic website content management systems.

The final step was publishing the website to our Australian based dedicated servers and sending a testing link to the client for review, hosting law firm websites locally improves page load time since there's less distance for the data to travel, it also improves SEO rankings as it indicates to Google that the business itself is based in Australia. Once the client has reviewed their new website they can provide feedback on anything that needs tweaking, this process normally involves one or two rounds of small alterations before making the website live.

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