Point Blank Development have been providing law firm marketing services for over ten years and have produced legal websites for firms throughout Sydney and Australia using our custom designed & built legal CMS system.

We provide Web Development, Web Design, Project Management and Website Hosting services, and for those law firms that want a complete managed approach to online marketing we partner with industry experts in website Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Google AdWords, Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising & Content Creation to provide you with an end to end solution for your website.

We can also work with your existing online marketing specialists to provide the website development, CMS & hosting solution in your law firm marketing plan. We are flexible in the services we provide and who we work with.

Our Law Firm Marketing Websites

Our custom designed marketing websites are built specifically with search engine optimisation (SEO) in mind, the CMS they run on makes it easy to optimise content for Google and other search engines by automatically maintaining links between relevant content throughout the site and correctly structuring HTML tags. For more info on our CMS you can see our blog post Law Firm Marketing with the right CMS.

Take a look at some examples of our law firm websites.

Effective SEO for your law firm isn't a sprint, it's a marathon

There aren't any quick tricks to marketing your law firm online these days, Google is always getting smarter and continually updating their search algorithm to neutralise anything that it deems to be "spammy" behaviour, so even if you did find a new way to cheat and artificially boost your website's ranking today, chances are you would lose it tomorrow and have a big black mark against your name that Google wouldn't soon forget.

Patience is key to SEO, law firm marketing is a competitive area and a lot of law firms have been at it for a while, but given the right amount of time and effort you can catch up and have your law firm ranking highly for your targeted keywords and locations. The rule of thumb to go by is really simple, write content for people not search engines, it might sound counterintuitive but do this and the rest will fall into place and you'll enjoy long term SEO success and never have to worry about your website being penalised by Google.

Relevant content that your users want to read has a much higher chance of being shared and talked about online which will boost your rankings because Google will see that the content is valuable based on the activity around it, valuable content will also keep users on your site longer and have a higher chance of generating leads from potential clients. Don't focus on keywords, if you try to squeeze keywords into your text it may not read well for users and could raise a red flag with Google, whereas when you write about what you do with your users in mind keywords will naturally appear throughout the content along with supporting keywords, focus on your audience and SEO will take care of itself.